The leader in vitalistic health care, offering chiropractic care, functional neurology, vitalistic nutrition, functional kinesiology and positive psychology.

Vital Life Health Center- Guy Riekeman, Chancellor of Life University


The only accredited birth and health facility in metro Atlanta, offering a comprehensive midwifery, integrative clinic and birthing center suites.

Atlanta Birth Center-Anjli Hinman, Executive Director & Midwife


Emily Kehnast, Lic. Ac., MSOM offers individual acupuncture, herbs, and cupping, along with founding and directing the community acupuncture clinic.

Emily Kehnast, Licensed Acupuncturist


Rachel Marynowski, N.D., licensed naturopathic physician, focuses on many natural tools used to improve health & prevent disease including botanical medicines, functional nutrition, supplements, homeopathy, & lifestyle counseling. Standard & specialty functional medicine labs are used as additional tools as is necessary.

Intonu Wellness-Rachel Marynowski, Licensed Naturopathic Physician


Shanna Jackson, Ph.D., LPC, CPCS offers individual, couples, and group psychotherapy and counseling.

Shanna Jackson, Licensed Clinical Psychologist & Professional Counselor


Alicia Simpson, Registered Dietitian, Lactation Consultant and SOS Feeding Therapist offers various services for women and families.

PeaPod-Alicia Simpson, Registered Dietician & Lactation Consultant

VitalAtlanta offers a whole health approach to wellness from birth throughout life.

Together. As a unique collective. We are VitalAtlanta: Person-centered wellness through integrated care.

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These family-oriented services focus on providing whole health care across the lifespan:

Acupuncture & herbs, birth services (including water birth), chiropractic care, functional neurology, functional kinesiology, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, lactation & nutrition, massage, midwifery/gynecology, naturopathic medicine and primary care, prenatal & postpartum care, psychotherapy & counseling, and women’s support groups. Other services and educational opportunities are available.

Our Philosophy

The lens from which services are provided recognizes the body as holding an innate intelligence that expresses optimal potential without interference. This is a perspective which allows us to complement the body’s awesome resilience by supporting healing from trauma, stress and environmental toxins.

Why VitalAtlanta

VitalAtlanta was co-founded by Anjli Hinman (Midwife and Executive Director of Atlanta Birth Center), Shanna Jackson (Clinical Psychologist), Rachel Marynowski (Naturopathic Physician), and Guy Riekeman (Chancellor of Life University). This unique collective has grown to include Emily Kehnast (Acupuncturist) and Alicia Simpson (Dietician and Lactation Consultant). Other practitioners offering congruent compassionate care and education also provide services.

Together these providers are committed to whole health by creating a place in the heart of the city of Atlanta that offers authentic integrative and individualized care. People can visit VitalAtlanta for a myriad of whole-health services in all phases of life, from infancy and childhood through adulthood.

This innovative collaboration is building services to become a strong resource community for our city. Come visit and you will sense the network of support offered by the established relationships between providers, along with the nurturing feel of the space.

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An empowered community that values whole health and practices the basic foundations of healthy living daily.

  • People see whole health as physical, emotional, social, mental and spiritual wellbeing, not just the absence of disease or pain.
  • People think proactively in terms of their whole health potential, not treating pieces or by being defined by disease.
  • Whole health providers of different modalities collaborate to meet the needs of individuals, respecting their preferences of integrative care options.
  • People make their own healthcare choices, knowing they are supported and connected by their chosen team of health providers.


To nourish an expansive life experience by providing natural whole health support with a focus on the innate wisdom of the body, mind and spirit.

  • Demonstrate a respect for the body’s innate intelligence that from birth, without interference, can realize its full potential for a lifetime.
  • Provide a safe environment with the convenience of one place that offers a range of whole health services to resources for prevention and practices for a wellness lifestyle.
  • Create a professional collaboration that delivers resources that encourage confidence in care based within a strong support network.
  • Commit to on-going education that empowers individuals to make healthcare decisions they believe are best for them.